Insulating Bricks

April, 23, 2011

Adhering to national and international quality standards, we provide an ample range of flawless Insulating Bricks. We have carved a niche as one of the blooming Refractory Insulating Bricks manufacturers and Exporters based in India. Our Mica Insulating Bricks are extensively used in various heating vessels like furnaces, kilns etc. for maintaining the temperature. Available in various sizes and dimensions, our Mica Insulating Bricks can be customized as per the specifications of the clients. High strength, anti abrasive nature and light weight are some of the unique features of our Mica Insulating Bricks.

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Features to look for in Insulating Bricks

June, 05, 2015

It happens very often that people looking for refractory material get confused between Insulating Bricks and Dense Firebricks. While both of them have refractory properties and are able to sustain extremely high temperatures, the feature that differentiates the two is that Insulation Bricks do not absorb heat whereas Firebricks do. The other difference is that the former ones are lighter and the latter ones are heavy. For applications where thermal insulation is needed, Insulating Bricks are to be used. Made with aluminum and silica, these bricks are typically used as a back-up lining in kilns and furnaces and also as a primary hot face refractory lining.

If you are buying them from an Insulating Bricks Supplier in Gujarat India for the first time, know about the features you should look for.

With kilns, furnaces and other such heated work areas, the operating temperatures are exceedingly high. Thusly, installing reliable material for such operations is of immense importance. So be sure of the quality before you ask for quotes from different suppliers.

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