We offer superior High Alumina Refractory Bricks that are made from high grade raw materials. We have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the fastest emerging Insulating Refractory Bricks Manufacturers based in India. Our Refractory Bricks are in huge demands in the global markets for excellent strength and abrasion resistance nature. Refractory Bricks provided by us are available in varied dimensions and sizes and can be customized as per the demands of the clients. Our Refractory Bricks are characterized by porosity, mechanical resistance and thermal conductivity.

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Today, Firebricks have an extensive usage in several industries like iron & steel, chemical, construction, and many others. Firebricks are, basically, special kind of bricks that can easily withstand different temperature ranges and can bear repeated cooling and heating. Owing to the excellent structural and insulating qualities, Firebricks are best suited for building heat and flame prone areas like burner pots, chimneys, fireboxes, kilns, etc.

Firebricks-An overview

  • Hard & Soft :

You can choose from two types of Firebricks, hard bricks and soft bricks. Hardbricks are an important material for building chimneys, burner pots, fireboxes, large kilns, etc. Because of their high density, durability and structural qualities, they are suitable for use around direct flame. Softbricks, on the other hand, are used for constructing insulating liners in reduction kilns or electric kilns. The Softbricks are also called insulating firebricks (IFBs). These lightweight bricks are made up of refractory clay that contains combustible materials.

  • Available In Various Grades

Firebricks are majorly made up of alumina and silica, which makes them resistant to high temperatures. As per the specific use, these Firebricks can be chosen from the long list of grades that vary according to their composition and properties. These Firebricks are graded into:

  1. Low-duty Firebricks
  2. Medium duty Firebricks
  3. High Duty (first-quality firebrick) Firebricks
  4. Super Duty Firebricks
  5. High-Fired Super Duty Firebricks

  • Varying Shapes

Most of the Firebricks are either pressed or extruded. The brick mix is air hammered into wooden or steel molds for making bigger pieces as per the desired dimensions and shapes. Some of the most common shapes of Firebricks are:

  1. Straights
  2. Square edge tile
  3. Soaps
  4. Splits
  5. Arch
  6. Wedge
  7. Skew

Few Points To Remember

  • The properties of Refractories and Firebricks are affected with their consistent exposure to chemical vapors, extreme heat, thermal cycling, mechanical stress, etc.
  • Any kind of saw can easily cut the softbricks, however, special equipment such as a tile cutting saw is required to cut the hardbricks

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Designed to withstand high temperatures, Fire Bricks are made from fire clay. These bricks are also known as Refractory Bricks. They find extensive use in kilns, liners, wood fired ovens, fireboxes, lining furnaces, fireplaces, etc. Owing to their low thermal conductivity, Fire Bricks result in better energy efficiency. Different varieties of Fire Bricks are available like Clay Bricks, Insulation Bricks, Dense Bricks, Heavy Duty Bricks, etc. These Bricks are known to improve the efficiency of almost all kinds of heating systems.

Uses of Fire Bricks

Below is an overview of different uses of Fire Bricks.

  • Fireplaces : These Bricks are used in fire places to protect surrounding walls and mantle from heat damage.
  • Kilns : Fire Bricks are either used in the entire structure of the Kiln or in the inner layer.
  • Wood Fired Ovens : Fire Bricks are designed to withstand rapid thermal cycling and thus used in Wood Fired Ovens. They are used in cooking floor and roof of the Oven.
  • Land Scaping And Interior Decoration : Fire bricks are also widely used in Landscaping and interior and exterior decoration in Residence and office building. Fire bricks are also used on walking path in big complexes.
  • Furnaces : They are used in all kinds of heaters, ovens, insulators and furnaces. Fire Bricks offer two benefits at the same time; they make the furnace hotter and efficient. Another advantage of using these Bricks is that they protect the outside of the furnace from excess heat.

Different Fire Bricks and their uses

  • Heavy Duty Fire Bricks : Heavy Duty Fire Bricks are used in high temperature applications. These Bricks contain more than 50% alumina and are extensively used in large furnaces.
  • Clay Bricks : These Bricks cannot withstand high temperature and are mostly used to construct outer area of a furnace.
  • Insulation Bricks : Lightweight, high heat absorbing capacity and affordable are some of the attributes of Insulation Bricks. These Bricks are also used to construct outer area of furnaces.

Fire Bricks are extensively used in different applications due to their properties like low thermal conductivity and high heat resistance. They are also used in steel and aluminum plants.

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