All About Refractory Castables

Posted by Admin on February, 25, 2015

By definition, a refractory material is one that retains its strength at high temperature. Such materials are widely used in linings, kilns, incinerators and reactors. The oxides of aluminum (alumina), silicon (silica) and magnesium (magnesia) are the most important material used in the manufacturing of refractory castables. High Alumina Castable is the most chemically stable oxide which is known for its hardness, strength and many other properties.

Type of Castables
1. High Alumina Castable: High Alumina Castable is insoluble in water and superheated steam and in most inorganic acids and alkalis. High alumina castable has all characteristics of fire- clay brick into higher temperature ranges which makes it suitable for lining furnace operating up to 3350˚ F. They are highly used in cement, lime and ceramic kilns, glass tanks, crucibles for melting a wide range of metals, hearth and shaft blast furnaces and in lead drossing furnaces. Different alumina castables have different amount of alumina content in it.

  • Blast furnaces
  • Foundries
  • Iron and Steel industries
  • Construction of special refractory shapes
  • Locations where reducing atmosphere are encountered
  • For Lining of pre-heaters/converters
  • Annealing furnaces

There are number of High Alumina Castable Manufacturers who offer superior quality of castable which are appreciated for low thermal conductivity and low density that assists in conserving heat energy.

2. Magnesia Castables: Magnesia refractory castable is chemically basic materials which contains at least 85% of magnesium oxide. These are made from naturally occurring Magnesite and silica. They constitute the most important group of refractories for the basic steel making processes. Magnesia castables with larger crystalline size and very high purity magnesia improve the corrosion resistance.

3. Silica Castable: Silica castable contains at least 93% of silica. The outstanding property of silica castables is its excellent mechanical strength at temperatures approaching their actual fusion point. Silica castables give good service in contact with high siliceous slags and widely used in the steel furnace, glass tanks and reverberator furnaces for melting and refining of copper & other metals.

Not only castables but other refractory materials also have high demand. The various types of refractories used influence energy consumption and product quality. Therefore, the castable should be best suited to your application. The most commonly used castable is High Alumina Castable which is demanded by large number of manufacturers. Many High Alumina Castable Suppliers in India offer high quality of castable at affordable prices.

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